Paul and Heather McCartney Visit Canadian Seals

seal pup.jpg
We in Canada often get on our high horse and criticize the US for its environmental sins but we are not without our own and should not be casting stones. The seal hunt is one of the most controversial treehugger issues in Canada, where the Government supports the hunt as one of the few traditional jobs left for Newfoundlanders now that the cod fishery is gone. Today Paul and Heather McCartney visited the Gulf of St. Lawrence and posed with a baby seal (even cuter than Paul used to be, and supposedly no longer killed in the hunt). The McCartney's say that research shows that close to half of the seals are skinned alive; the Canadian Department of Fisheries says that seals "have a swimming reflex that is active - even after death" and just look alive, which sounds a bit Pythonesque- "Just a flesh wound!". This treehugger would like to thank Paul and Heather for visiting Canada and we hope someone pays attention. ::Yahoo News