Park(ing) Day: an Activism Success Again


Change is hard. Activists threatening the status quo may be jeered, arrested or worse. Perhaps that is what broadens our smile as we think about the Rebar installation art/urban planning demonstration event. How can it not bring a grin to see a tiny green park occupying the small plot of land in front of a parking meter? To take a small pause in the hectic day to simply enjoy our spot on earth? In its second year, the (Park)ing Day activities spread, with installations by additional groups in San Francisco, where Rebar initiated the idea, as well as occupations in Manhattan, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Eau Claire (WI), London, Lewes (UK), and Rio de Janeiro. Note the transporter bike parade, rounding out the eco aspects of the event. Don't miss the comments of passersby on the Parking Day Video. Thanks, Rebar, it does a girl (guy) good.Last year's Parking Day, the inaugural event, was also covered here at TreeHugger. Put your thinking caps on now: What can you do in your town next year?