Park + Vine: Cincinnati's Green General Store


General stores used to dot the North American rural landscape. Unfortunately, the rise of superstores and supermarkets drove many of these "mom and pop" stores out of business. Now, people like Dan Korman are trying to bring back small stores where you can get a little bit of everything. Dan's store, Park + Vine, bills itself as a new type of urban general store - one that promotes local and eco-friendly products and practices. Found in the store are some of TreeHuggers favorite brands, Voltaic backpacks, handbags from HER Design, 7th Generation cleaners, and more! Dan also plans to use the space for art, lectures and films focused on sustainable living. As for getting there, Park + Vine is in the process of building indoor and outdoor bike racks in order make it easy to transport to and from the store carbon free. Park + Vine opens it doors to the adoring public this Friday, with grand opening activities all weekend. :: Park + Vine