Paris Water: Plenty Good for Thirsty Hipsters

If you’ve ever been to Paris, then surely you know that bottled water is all the rage and has been for years. Everybody totes their water home in stylish bottles—it’s simply what you do. Now, we love the idea of drinking pure, clean d’eau, but wethinks the bottles aren’t so pretty after their job is done. Apparently, the Parisian government is hip to the issue, too, because the municipality has begun handing out free Pierre Cardin-design bottles in an effort to convince its citizen’s that tap water is every bit as fine—and refined—as the spring, mineral, and purified varieties they shop for, thank you very much.

"People buy bottled water because of the marketing, and we realized that if we were to win them back to the tap we would have to do some marketing of our own," an Eau de Paris employee said. Since 51% of Parisians are said to drink bottled water regularly, the effort will minimize waste tremendously. Thirty-thousand free carafes were handed out on March 22, World Water Day (who knew?) to support the effort—a good start, n’est pas? Thanks for the tip, Arthur! Via ::BBC [by MO]