Paris Pledges Emissions Cuts by 2020


Image: Flickr - markhillary
While many cities around the world are plagued by infighting when it comes to cutting carbon emissions, Parisians from all ends of the spectrum are coming together to create a green plan for the city. The city's new plan calls for a 30 percent reduction in energy usage and emissions from public buildings by the year 2020. In conjunction, Paris is taking steps to cut emissions in other city services.
Paris city authorities have already taken steps to reduce their environmental impact, using "clean" vehicles and recycled paper, and ensuring that all new public housing answers to high environmental standards.
The new environmental plan was ratified by all 20 district mayors in the city, reaching across political ideologies. Next up, getting businesses and trade unions in on the gig. The city has a summit scheduled this month to discuss further emissions measures such as "green taxes on gas-guzzling cars, lower speed limits, eco-labels on supermarket food, a cutback in pesticide use and new rules on energy efficiency in the construction industry."

:: Via Hugg contributer Linton and Yahoo!

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