Paper Company Starts Campaign To Promote Printing of Email

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TreeHuggers have been bashing printers for years, putting those "Think before you print" messages on the bottom of our emails. John Williams of Domtar, a big paper company, says they are "just bull" and is starting a marketing campaign- "Put it On Paper!" to promote printing, particularly among young people. He told the Canadian Club:

"Young people really are not printers. When was the last time your children demanded a printer? They want the electronic device. We've got to do some work about having them believe and feel that printing isn't a sort of environmental negative."


Domtar's John Williams is reaching out to the Facebook Crowd

Although the campaign sounds as hilarious as CO2: We call it life and the Clean Coal Carolers, Greenpeace is not amused and tells the Globe and Mail:

"To go against the current with this kind of campaign is to go backwards," she said. "We should be encouraging reduction of paper use and use of recycled paper."

Paper demand is shrinking by 4% per year, so Domtar's Williams wants to reach out to a new generation of paper consumers.

The key to winning over people in the campaign being launched is being "real," he said.

"I think it's very powerful and I think it's time and I don't apologize for the fact I think it's true and that this will resonate with young people."

So get out there and print, kids! More in the Globe and Mail

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