Panama Launches Operation Light Bulb, Gives Away $13 Million Worth of CFLs

panama city night photo

Panama City at night, photo: Steve Levi

Not really much on this one yet, but I thought I'd point it out for the apparently proactive, yet finger-in-the-dike nature of it.

Reuters is reporting that Panama will be spending $13 million to buy and distribute enough compact fluorescent light bulbs to provide each citizen with two of them.

Handing Out CFLs Cheaper Than Building the Extra Capacity Needed
Dubbed "Operation Light Bulb" (not to be confused with this Operation Light Bulb) the the program is expected to save enough electricity to forestall adding another 60 MW of power—which really isn't that much in the greater scheme of power generation—to the already stressed Panamanian grid, and at one-tenth the cost.

While I love the idea of a government just handing out CFLs, especially to people who couldn't otherwise afford them, in an effort to promote energy efficiency, if 60 MW of energy savings is the difference between having a functioning national electric supply and having blackouts in your capital city (such as hit Panama City in May), then you've got much more serious energy problems on your hands.

via :: Reuters
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