Palm Sunday & Global Demand for Xaté Threatens Belize's forests


This past Palm Sunday, Fauna and Flora International highlighted the overexploitation of palms in Central America in an attempt to raise awareness of the impact that global demand for palm leaves is having on some of the world’s most pristine rainforests. We're no strangers to the intersection of religion and the environment, and we even told you about September 1: Eastern Orthodox Earth Day and The Green Patriarch. BTW, for Eastern Orthodox, Palm Sunday has yet to occur so we have yet another opportunity to reflect, or even pray if you will, on the seriousness of yet another threat to biodiveristy.Xaté is a type of palm that is commonly used in flower arrangements across the USA and Holland, among other countries. Church flower arrangements on Palm Sunday make up as much as 15% of global demand for this leaf. Wild xaté is currently overharvested across its range (Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize and other Central American countries), which is directly threatening the stability and security of its rainforest ecosystem.

More about FFI's conservation efforts and what you can do to help: Palm Sunday special: Global demand for xaté palm threatens Belize’s forests
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