Oxfam Policy Director: Fair Climate Deal Threatened by Industry (Video Interview)

When I sat down to talk with him at the Fresh Air Center in downtown Copenhagen this afternoon, Phil Bloomer looked a bit like he'd been to hell and back. No wonder: the director of campaigns and policy at Oxfam has been working hard here to get developed countries to stop their lengthy "assing about" and heed the call of the world to bring about a fair and binding climate deal.

Specifically that means bridging the gaps on long-term financing for developing countries and greenhouse gas cuts, and refining the draft agreement text by Thursday, in time for the signatures by heads of state on Friday. Though the text is moving in the right direction, it's still littered with bracketed text that indicates country disagreements, and contains, Bloomer says, potentially "diabolical" terms -- the result of the "siren voices" of industry whispering in leaders' ears.

Forcing the text into shape won't be easy. But, as he made sure to add, if people are loud enough now and in the future, governments will also need to listen to the call for a real deal. Bloomer talks about the need for citizen action above; his summary of the day is below.

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