Outed! FACES of Coal Are Just Stock Photos

FACES website image

Apparently FACES -- the coal industry front group masquerading as a grassroots organization -- couldn't actually get any real faces, or didn't want to include them, in their promotional materials. DeSmogBlog and Appalachian Voices are pointing out that many of pro-coal supporters are actually just stock photographs from iStockPhoto. Here's just on of the many comparison shots:

FACES image

faces istockphoto comparison image

There are five more comparisons done over at Appalachian Voices.

Now, just to play devil's advocate, there are plenty of corporate websites out there that use stock photos to represent clients, employees or customers. But when you're supposedly a organization representing the people, urging others to call their representatives and take action, you'd think you'd take your own photos. Come on people.

via: Appalachian Voices, DeSmogBlog
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