OurEnergy: Support Wind Power Every Day


OurEnergy is a free program that takes the cost and some of the guesswork out of supporting renewable energy by integrating it in your regular purchases. They partner with over 700 online retailers who give a small percentage of your purchase to support domestic wind power. Just sign up (which will generate 100 kilowatt-hours, just for coming on board), carry on as you normally would, buy stuff here and there as necessary, and feel good the next time there's a breeze. The program helps eliminate the cost barrier between traditional and renewable energy while easily incorporating into our day to day lives. They claim that it is the only program that supports clean energy generation at no additional cost to energy consumers. We're not advocating that anyone go out and just buy stuff for the heck of it, and while we're acutely aware that buying too much of anything is not a good thing, we all still need stuff, and a lot of us use the internet to get some of it. Why not help support wind power at the same time? Check out the mega-list of retailers who are funding the wind energy with part of your purchases here (it's too long to even mention the big names), and sign up here. Being a TreeHugger doesn't get any easier than this. ::OurEnergy via ::AutoblogGreen