Ormat: No Retrofit, No Fuss Biodiesel

Considered one of the top 5 geothermal energy companies in the world, Israeli company Ormat recently released news of a new biodiesel formulation that may green wheels everywhere. TreeHugger spoke with the company's CEO Dita Bronicki who said the company’s R&D; in Yavne, Israel has formulated a biodiesel that requires no retrofit on your diesel engine and that can be used in its pure form of 100 percent, without mixing. Bronicki expects the fuel to be good to go in about 2 years, but it is too early for her to say which continent will get it first. Ormat is a 40 year-old renewable and alternative energy company that excels in building electrical power plants from recovered and geothermal energy. We love one of their Kenyan projects where they made the installation safari-friendly for the giraffes.

In 2005, the company trading on the NY stock exchange and valued at over $1 billion reported sales of a not-so-shabby $270 million. The company also has stakes in the OptiCanada tar sands project in Alberta where it is helping Canadians, says Bronicki, ensure fuel security for the future. ::see related here and here

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