Orlando Bloom Launches Global Cool


Well actually he's already launched Global Cool - last month actually. Oops TreeHugger is uncharacteristically late on picking up on this latest Global Warming campaign. In between battling with Pirates in the Caribbean Mr Bloom is clearly dedicated to fighting global warming and is quite happy to launch environmental campaigns with his chiselled features. It wasn’t so long ago he was promoting the Climate Star campaign with the slogan 'Global Warming isn’t cool, but stopping it is.’ At the end of July he turned up to save the world, Superman style with Lois Lane (girlfriend Kate Bosworth), at the carbon neutral Fuji Rock Festival, to help launch Global Cool. Rather entertainingly Ecorazzi reported that an argument was overheard backstage between Bosworth and Bloom after she dropped some litter and cigarette butts on the ground during the festival. It’s good to know that you are taking your promotional work seriously Orlando! Global Cool’s slogan is ‘One by one, tonne by tonne’. They have a 10 year plan to cut global CO2 emissions by 10 billion tonnes through ‘a series of educational and entertaining programmes – and inspirational and upbeat global events – aimed at empowering the individual to make a difference.’ They say: ‘By giving YOU the tools and knowledge to actively decrease your CO2 emissions, and to encourage others to do the same, we can collectively push the climatic tipping point long into the future.’ You may ask how Global Cool intends to achieve all this. As lovely as Orlando Bloom is they are probably going to need more that his pretty face to provoke change on such a large scale. The Global Cool website explains:

‘We want you to take three very simple steps that we call EROs:
• E for Efficiencies
make sure that your use of energy is as efficient as possible.
• R for Reductions
reduce your consumption of energy.
• O for Offsets
offset any remaining unavoidable CO2 emissions you continue to produce.

'Our aim is also to deliver an electoral mandate to ensure that governments act in a meaningful way. We will work with the capital markets to promote investment and innovation in clean energy technologies. We will support clean energy projects around the world. And we also intend to plant natural and sustainable forests on every continent.'

You might also be interested to know that the people behind Global Cool are not unsurprisingly people we’ve met before: ‘Dan Morrell is the Founder of Global Cool. Dan founded The Carbon Neutral Company (formally Future Forests), which became the world brand leader in the global carbon market.’ Global Cool is a charitable foundation established under the umbrellas of the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors in the US and the Climate Group in the UK. The advisory board includes Dr Steve Howard of the Climate Group; Dr Richard Tipper of the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management; James Cameron, Chairman of Climate Change Capital; via: The Observer Magazine + Ecorazzi ::Global Cool