Organic Style Magazine Shuts Down

The staff of Organic Style got a shock on Thursday when they were abruptly told the magazine was folding. The October 2005 issue will be the last. The magazine's demise has a lot to do with its recent history. A year ago, the outlook was bright, with newsstand sales up 22.9 percent to 75,469. Then Jeanie Pyun took over as editor last summer. Pyun instituted an extensive redesign by adding a bold, striped logo and rotating cover subjects between models such as Angela Lindvall, celebrities such as Helen Hunt or furniture arrangements. Newsstand buyers became confused, as did vendors, who didn't know whether to display Organic Style next to women's magazines, food titles or in the gardening section. Mainstream advertisers also evidently never warmed to the magazine's narrowly focused content. :: WWD.Com via Victoria E