Oregon Students to Release 250,000 Ladybugs on Earth Day, Discover Sustainable Pest Control


With folks everywhere gearing up for Earth Day 2008, the Coalition of Environmentally Conscious Growers, a partnership of farmers dedicated to the continuance of sustainable farming practices, is making this Earth Day memorable for a group of 4th graders in Oregon. They’ll be working together with them to release tens of thousands of ladybugs in a bid to help these kids better understand that there are natural alternatives to chemical pesticides.

And while the event was designed to engage local school children with the value of eco-friendly farming practices, I think it’s really a great opportunity for all kinds of learning to take place.
Because when you consider the fact that most people have never had the opportunity to watch tens of thousands of insects working together towards a positive, natural result I think it becomes obvious the kind of impression it will leave. And a lasting impression provides their teachers with a great opportunity to teach math, art, literature, social studies and science to them in various ways around the theme of environmental sustainability.

Of course the Ladybugs will simply wind up doing their part to consume pests and clean up the forest they’re heading into, but perhaps the greatest impression they’ll leave is on the way in which these lucky 4th graders view the world around them.

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via:: Jessica Root

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