Opportunity Green Kicks off with Tour de OG Bike Trip

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When CEOs of the Big Three had to take a trip to Washington to ask for a public bailout, they took private jets. Several attendees of the Opportunity Green Business Conference are taking a lesson from this misstep: Instead of driving or flying, they're cycling from San Francisco to LA for the event. And you can join them.During the 5 day Tour de OG, which began on Nov. 1 and continues through Nov. 5, riders will travel 450 miles down the coast of California. So far, several business leaders have signed up for the ride, including Sue Rigler, founder of AdVinylize, Anna Cummins, and Nick Aster, founder of TriplePundit.com.

Describing the event, Nick Aster said:

I can't think of a better inspiration for green business. This is a really symbolic move. We're looking to inspire companies to walk the walk, or in our case ride the ride, to a more sustainable future.

But they won't be riding the ride alone. The Tour de OG is open to any motivated cyclist. Simply head over to the website to sign up. Participants are treated to organic meals, snacks, and beverages, campsites and lodging, and discounted conference registration.

If a 450 mile bike odyssey doesn't sound like your thing, you can still support the action by sponsoring the riders. You can follow the action through Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere online, even if you're sitting at home on the East Coast.

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