Ontario Premier Says No to NIMBY


Bravo to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty for taking a stand against NIMBY Scarberians who are objecting to the idea of a wind farm two to four kilometers off the Scarborough Bluffs, a deteriorating sandy hill overlooking Lake Ontario. Energy Minister Smitherman scoffs, saying "If they've elevated their opposition to the point of outrage, then I think they're getting themselves worked up into an artificial lather."

It is hard to call it NIMBY when it is 2 to 4 km out into the lake, it is nowhere near their backyards.

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David Cooper, Toronto Star

Premier McGuinty goes further, and according to Rob Ferguson of the Star, he won't hesitate to foist "green" energy projects on communities across Ontario.

"We're going to say to Ontarians that it's okay to object on the basis of safety issues and environmental standards; if you have real concerns there, put those forward and we must find a way to address those," McGuinty told reporters.

"But don't say, 'I don't want it around here.' ... NIMBYism will no longer prevail," he added, using the acronym for "not in my backyard."

He is bringing in a Green energy Act which will deal with local regulations and bylaws that are being used to delay renewable energy projects. Having already promised to eliminate coal fired power plants by 2014, he is in a hurry. The plan will include up to 50,000 jobs and dramatically increase the amount of renewable energy produced in Ontario. McGuinty says:

"We need those jobs, we need clean electricity and we need to assume our responsibility in the face of climate change."

The NIMBYs have a new mantra: the so-called wind turbine syndrome. Tyler Hamilton is dismissive.

On the issue of health, debate will continue over whether wind turbines cause sickness or unnecessary noise. Hell, welcome to the 21st century. The same debate still exists around cellphones, Wi-Fi networks, chemicals in food, and a thousand other issues. If we killed every projects because a couple people claim it causes them headaches, we’d never get anywhere.

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