Ontario Green Plan Stomps Federal Canadian Plan


Ontario is like California in the States- big, rich and powerful and able to set its own standards no matter what the feds do. Two days ago I was ready to trash Ontario Environment Minister Laurel Broten for her half-assed plan to reduce the use of plastic bags by 50% in five years, and her abysmal radio performance on CBC where she outdid Dilbert's pointy-haired boss by proposing "an impactful multifaceted approach. We have all hands on deck to build a lesser footprint and incentivize the public"

However notwithstanding her fondness for jargon, she has now proposed a solid plan for cutting emissions, closing coal burning power plants (better late than never) and burning biomass,supporting development of small-scale wind, solar, biomass and hydroelectric projects; banning incandescent bulbs, promoting LEED buildings, and upping the credits for buying efficient cars. It isn't perfect but it is a laudable start.

A pile of different initiatives but Premier McGuinty (shown above with Laurel Broton) says small steps accumulate: "Somebody recently said that when it comes to dealing with climate change and environmental issues generally, it would be a mistake to look for a silver bullet and we should be deploying silver buckshot." ::Tyler Hamilton in the Star

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