Ontario Election 2007: How Toxic are the Leaders?


I just can't wait to see all of the American presidential candidates pony up blood and urine samples to environmentalists to see how toxic they are, but that is what three of the leaders in the Ontario election did. They are so chock full of gender benders like phthalates and Bisphenol A, they should be wearing dresses. For some reasons they have higher levels than the population at large; "It does make you wonder whether there is something about the politician's lifestyle that is particular and exposes them in unique ways to some of these chemicals," said Rick Smith, Environmental Defence's executive director.

NDP leader Hampton thinks it might be that they are always in cars on the road and cannot control what they eat; it might also be the makeup they put on for TV.

No word on why there are no results from Green Party leader Frank de Jong; probably he is a vegetarian bicyclist drinking from Siggs while living in a vinyl-free yurt and came up clean. ::Globe and Mail

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