One Planet Products Wins Sustainable City Award


Having recently won Consultant of the Year at Building Magazine’s Sustainability Awards, the folks at the UK-based Bioregional Development Group are raking in the awards once more. This time it is the group’s One Planet Products that is being hailed as the leader in bringing green construction products into the mainstream in London. The group beat tight competition to win the sustainable procurement category at The City of London Corporation's Sustainable City Awards.
One Planet Products is a member-led, social business which focuses on making it easier and more cost effective for its members to use sustainable building products and materials. Among the products offered by the group are insulation materials, sustainable carpeting, water saving fixtures, composters, bicycle storage fixtures and many others. For more on the diverse work of the Bioregional Development Group, take a look at their initiatives creating decentralized supply chains for charcoal or firewood production, their localized paper-recycling systems, or their mission to develop giant One-Planet Living communities around the world.

:: One Planet Products::via Bioregional Development Group::

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