One Glass of Orange Juice = 1,050 Google Searches

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Google's been catching flak for being ungreen lately, (remember the whole cup of tea thing?) so in an effort to prove how very environmentally conscious they actually are, the company that does no evil set about assembling a bunch of arbitrary comparisons that point out how little CO2 searches emit. And what do they prove?Well, not a whole lot--except that both eating cheeseburgers and extensive Google searching are environmentally impacting. And I know that the point of the chart was to make us users go, Wow, one single cheeseburger is equal to 15,000 Google searches? I'll search on! But when you think about how little 15,000 searches really is (many of us do hundreds a day), it kind of proves the opposite of their point. If anything, with the millions of people using Google at any given minute (probably way more than are eating cheeseburgers or drinking OJ), it's actually kind of alarming.

Gizmodo is similarly unimpressed:

In response to a lot of allegations that its massive data centers emit tons of CO2, Google came up with this little chart to show how much better for the environment they are than totally irrelevant products from mostly irrelevant industries. Starting off with the least irrelevant, one printed newspaper is equal to 850 searches, which might actually come up in some kind of new media vs. print debate. But orange juice? Cheeseburgers? Come on, Google.

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