On The Hit Parade Of C02 Emissions, China Cements Its Number One Position

Carbon dioxide emissions in China last year was just reported to have surpassed those of the US by 8%. Data released by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency indicate that emissions from China were still 2% below those of the US two years ago, in 2005. In the year 2006 however, China's CO2 emissions from fossil fuels increased by 9%. During the same period in the US, "fossil fuel CO2 emissions decreased by 1.4% compared with 2005 levels. There is no telling what portion of the decrease was due to the transfer of emissions from industrial activities moved to China by US corporations. (The assessment does not cover the global warming potential of other greenhouse gases, including methane and nitrous oxide. Also, due to uncertainties the report excludes CO2 from deforestation and the decay of biomass, and flaring of gas and underground coal fires.) Of all industrial processes, cement clinker production [pictured] is the largest source of CO2, the Dutch report says. It contributes about 4% to the world‚s total from fossil fuel use and industrial activity. China has a large share of the global cement production ˜ about 44% in 2006. Nationally cement's share in CO2 emissions is almost 9% of the Chinese total (550 megatons out of a total of about 6,200 megatons of CO2)."For more information contact Jos Olivier, Senior Scientist, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Global Sustainability and Climate (IPC 90), P.O. Box 303, NL-3720 AH Bilthoven, The Netherlands. Tel: +31 30 274 3035; Fax: +31 30 274 4464; E-mail: Jos.Olivier@mnp.nl.

Via: Crosslands Bulletin
Image credit:: cement clinker sample, Changshu Tongjiang Manufacturing Co., Ltd.