On Climate Change 'We're Screwed'! - The Yes Men Spoof New York Post

yes men new york spoof paper image

If you don't live in New York City or otherwise know the style of the New York Post's style of headline and coverage, you may not get how serious cool this is, but trust me it is. Activist group The Yes Men have taken the Post's no-nonsense approach and really laid out what likely to happen should the international community really get its collective act together on climate change. Basically we're screwed:Distributed by hundreds of volunteers throughout the city, the spoof newspapers for all intents and purposes look like a regular NY Post but over the 32 pages of the paper is serious/humorous tell it like it is coverage of what the world is facing with climate action.

So, if you're in New York try to pick one up, or if you live elsewhere, check out NewYorkPost-Se.com for all the content.

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