On Call with Al Gore: Talking Movies, Global Warming and the Truth


Yesterday afternoon, Al Gore and MoveOn.org's Executive Director, Eli Pariser, sat down for a conference call to chat about An Inconvenient Truth, climate change and how to enable a cooling globe, and TreeHugger was on the call. It was great to have the opportunity to engage the man behind the slideshow, and get in to some of the details surrounding his slideshow, the film, and what to do about it all. Among the more poignant things he said was that the necessary force to change the way the world works must come from the grassroots level, and that climate change has moved beyond just being a political issue; it is instead a moral issue that we must all be responsible for handling. He is proudly "climate-neutral" (meaning that he's bought enough "green tags" or renewable energy certificates to offset whatever carbon emissions he's responsible for) and encourages everyone, from individuals to businesses to governments, to do the same. He has advice for those of us who can't offset everything, or are too young to vote: "Arm yourself with the knowledge. Go to the movie. Read the book. Go to the website. Find out how to be a part of the solution. Bear in mind that often in America, young people have led the way to social change...". He'll also be working in Tennessee this summer to train over 1000 people to do his slideshow (with their own personal touches), so that they can follow in his footsteps and take it on the road. Until then, be sure to get yourself to his movie. ::MoveOn and ::An Inconvenient Truth