Olympic Brand Police are Watching YOU!

In order to protect the "brand", the Olympic Organizing Committee has ruled that no one can use the word olympic in any way during the games. By now, many have read about the poor little Olympic Cafe which had to change its name to Lympic Cafe. And the kebab shop that had to take down its sign because it had 5 rings on it.

In extreme measures, Psfk has a photo of two men seen walking past London’s Trafalgar Square with their buttocks stamped with advertisements.

But the ban on marketing of Olympic connections for anyone who is not an official sponsor is serious. Architects, engineers and suppliers are angry because they have been unable to promote their Olympics-related work. It means that these contractors and sub-contractors will get no recognition, or benefit from their contribution to the Games because they are not allowed to use their involvement in the Olympics on any promotional material.

An architecture blog has now defied the ban and listed every firm involved in the Park.

Olympian swimmers have been wearing Beats headphones by Dre which is not an official sponsor. The company sent British team members special versions of the Beats range branded with union flag colours. So far officials have turned a blind eye.

Graffiti is under threat too, with the possibility of some of Banksy's works being erased as part of the sanitization campaign. However these great toaster rings, by street art collective the Toasters, are still around and causing a chuckle.

olympic brandPaddy Power/Promo image

Paddy Power, the betting site, is running a spoof olympics in London, France to get around the restrictions.

Somehow these tee-shirts have missed the brand police, so get them while you can. Not only are they cheeky (another one says "It only took me three hours to get to work this morning") but they are ethically produced by a network of women's community groups in Malawi.

olympic excitement@tompsk/Screen capture

Here's what one shop did in order to get around the use of the O word.

Not everyone is pro-Olympics. This group, the Official Protesters of the London 2012 Olympic Games, has created its own tee-shirt. In the true Olympic spirit, you can download the logo for free and make your own. They suggest wearing it to the Games or in background shots of the 100 M final (tickets are going for more than a thousand pounds now).

olympic brand policeBonnie Alter/CC BY 2.0

The last word on the subject.

Olympic Brand Police are Watching YOU!
If you aren't an official sponsor at the Olympics, then you can't advertise: that's the law for now.

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