Oldest Organic Produce Company in the US Gets a Solar-Powered Upgrade

oldest organic produce company solar power photo

Photo via Sustainable Design Update
Veritable Vegetable, a San Francisco-based company that has distributed organic produce since 1974, has just gotten an upgrade that will promote its sustainable agenda even further: it's had a 560-panel, 106 kilowatt solar electric system installed on top of its main warehouse in the city. And it's poised to help make one of the first green voices in the American business community even greener.Along with supplying a steady stream of renewable electricity, the solar system will have the added benefit of saving the company around $60,000 a year. Which means the system should pay for itself in 5 years, and supply free electricity for at least an additional 25—good news for Veritable's bottom line. The system was designed and installed by the prolific Borrego Solar company (they're the ones who donated solar panels to southern California fire stations).

The woman-owned Veritable Vegetable company has long been a positive voice for ethical business and sustainable agriculture—it's good to see them moving into the realm of sustainable energy as well.

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