Old Christmas Trees Help Other Trees Grow Year-Round in Paris' Neighborhood Parks

christmas tree recycling sign paris image

Sign at a tree-recycling collection point in Paris. Image: City of Paris

Once all the gifts have been opened, all the feasting done, all the toasts made, the time will soon come to figure out what the heck to do with the Christmas tree around which so many of the holiday festivities have been held. Plenty of cities now have mulching and recycling programs, but it's not everywhere you can readily go and visit new trees whose growth has been made possible by the death of the old one. In Paris, you can.Every year since 2007, the City of Paris has been running a program under which it opens up tree collection points at 95 parks and gardens throughout the city, according to the entrepreneurial news portal Springwise:

Consumers need only bring their trees to the collection spot nearest them. From there, the tree will be crushed and used to enrich the soil in local parks, serving to restrict weeds and reduce evaporation. This is Paris's fourth year of recycling Christmas trees in this way, and the program is growing rapidly. From 15,000 trees recycled in 2007-2008, the number grew to 27,150 in 2009-2010.

christmas tree recycling map paris image

Google Map of tree-recycling collection points in Paris. Image: City of Paris

This way, as Springwise points out, the benefits of recycling stay in the local community -- and are very visible. When spring comes, Parisians can stroll back to the local park where they donated their Christmas tree, and know they've done their part to keep it green and beautiful.

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