Oil Spill Blame Game Over: 60 Minutes Uncovers Severe BP Negligence Led to Explosion (Video)

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Here's another piece of video you really need to see to get a handle on the BP oil spill. 60 Minutes has interviewed a survivor of the Deepwater Horizon, who jumped into the sea to escape, and the scientist tapped by the Obama administration to investigate the disaster. The story seems clear: BP overruled Transocean in a procedure that, if Transocean had had it's way in choosing a slower and safer technique, would have not likely led to the explosion and subsequent oil spill. Oh, and there's some seriously gross footage of giant floating mats of oil...Here's the full transcript: 60 Minutes

For some more blow-by-blow dissection of BP's attempts to pass the buck, Climate Progress truth-checks a host of recent corporate statements.

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