Oil Spike Provides Impetus for Lasting Green Change?

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Last week I wrote about one journalist's assertion that cutting fuel taxes would only exacerbate the oil crisis. But, as commenters were quick to point out, Governments will find it hard to resist cuts in fuel duty as food prices start to rise. Nevertheless, James Murray has a great piece over at Business Green about why high oil prices are also providing an opportunity for the greener wing of the UK's coalition government:

"The threat of oil prices that some analysts firmly believe could exceed $220 (£134.7) a barrel gives the low carbon hawks within the coalition the perfect opportunity to revitalise a green agenda that appeared to have stalled following the forest sell-off debacle, the failure to finalise plans for a Green Investment Bank, the cuts to green advisory services, and the decision to curb some solar incentives."

In many ways, this is a similar theme to Brian's post yesterday about rising oil prices and Libyan unrest as a boon for clean energy. Time to keep pushing ladies and gentlemen...

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