Oil Shale Plant Powered by "Clean Coal"- And Cooled by Colorado River Water?


Bullion Monarch Mining Co. has developed, with modeling assistance by Federal energy lab researchers, an oil production technology which uses the dirtiest solid fuel available (coal) to extract oil from the filthiest possible source (shale)--no doubt with drought-threatened Colorado or Green River water as a process cooling input. A climate "Trifecta!" It will be interesting to see which financial institution chooses to back this scheme.
The plant is anticipated to demonstrate a scale feasibility of producing oil from oil shale at a target cost of below $30 USD per barrel...EnShale [the subsidiary company] has a patent pending extraction process that uses coal gasification, a clean coal technology, as a heat source and horizontal kilns. The oil shale is heated to approximately 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which releases the oil from the shale in a gaseous form and then is cooled to become liquid oil. The pilot plant is expected to be completed by late 2008.
See also:: A Return To Colorado Oil Shale? Via:: Yahoo Business News/Business Wire, Bullion Monarch Mining Has Begun Construction on a Demonstration Plant for the Extraction of Oil from Oil Shale Image credit::Energy Frontiers International, Image Library, Colorado USA, Paraho Retort.

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