Oil Industry Veterans Fight Peak Oil & Climate Change in Houston (Video)

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Image credit: Transition Houston

We all know about the spread of Transition Towns across the Globe, right? But isn't this just another forum for tie-die wearing hippies to promote their vegan and communist ways? It turns out that the Transition Movement has even reached the oil city of Houston. And, if this video is to be believed, those who are working—or have worked—in the oil industry are more likely than most to see peak oil and climate change as a genuine threat that needs tackling.

#1 Transition Houston from Permacyclists on Vimeo.

From former coal mining communities fighting for environmental justice, to oil men turned solar entrepreneurs, it's not exactly surprising that some of those who have been at ground zero of the climate/fossil fuel extraction battles are more aware than many about the consequences of these industries. (Not to mention the high level of scientific literacy in the oil community.)

Still, it's good to see some of those folks stepping up and acting on their beliefs. And from solar oven building workshops to green film nights, the Transition Houston website presents a picture of a vibrant, dynamic community that is moving past oil and looking to the future.

Now, how many of their neighbors will join them?

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