Oil Generation Representative Barton's Personal Apologies Extended To BP Executive

In my lifetime we've had the Beats, the Hippies, the Cold Warriors, the Boomers, X'ers, and the Y'rs and more. One term captures them all - Oil Generations. If we had to nominate a present-day King of what united, fueled and lubed these sub-generations, it would be hard to chose between Representative Joe Barton, R-Texas and Tony Hayward, CEO of British Petroleum. To demonstrate the tightness of the race, have a look at this excerpt from today's Congressional hearing on the BP gusher. As Mediaite reports:

"Specifying that he spoke neither for Congress nor the Republican Party in saying it, Barton told Hayward he was "ashamed" and apologized for what he characterized as a "$20 billion shakedown" yesterday, referring to the escrow account President Obama agreed with Hayward BP would open for use exclusively for claims.""Slush Fund,' by the way, is entirely the wrong term to describe that escrow account. More like a Tar Ball Fund, don't you think? Or, how about a Pandora's Well Account?