Oh Don, Go On (Saying that Climate Change Isn't Real and that Coal is Good)

In a new interview with Forbes magazine, Don Blankenship, CEO of Massey Energy, lets loose on the global warming "hoax", coal's central role in our lives, and the schemes of environmentalists, who appear to be powerful enough to manipulate, according to Blankenship, every top climate scientist in the world. Here's some of Don's greatest hits:

I don't know how we let the enviros and the humanitarians off the hook, that they continue to stymie the development of other countries. You've got people dying of preventable disease every day, and yet we're getting ready to spend billions of dollars on climate change.

It may be news to Don, but the product he pushes is the world's dirtiest fuel. Not only does it emit carbon dioxide, which is changing our climate in dangerous and unpredictable ways, but it also releases mercury and selenium, substances that cause birth defects and asthma, among other health threats.

I think it's all a hoax and a Ponzi scheme. I can't find any logic to the fact that the climate is actually changing any more because of man than it would without man.

Don might want to check out the IPCC, which has released dire warnings about the threats to the planet caused by the burning of fossil fuels, which is overwhelmingly caused climate change. He also might want to check out a new report from the United Nations Environment Program, which say that climate change could cause a 6.3 degrees Fahrenheit temperature rise by the end of the century.

You've constantly got hyperbole in the press, and you've got the government trying, because of their belief in climate change, to drive up the costs and increase the bad press, so it's really hard to overcome it.

I'll give Don some credit on this one. He's right that the government is trying to raise prices on carbon, but I don't feel too bad about the hardships it's causing him. After all, Blankenship is one of the world's biggest proponents of mountaintop removal, a practice that destroys communities and landscapes, all to get at hard-to-reach coal. He might be in for a really hard time if the Senate manages to pass the climate bill, which drops tomorrow. The bill would institute a cap and trade system designed to put polluters like Don out of business for good.

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