Office Paper to Toilet Roll: Wiping Your Butt on Your Work (Video)

white goat machine turns office paper into toilet roll photo

Image credit: DigInfo News

Back in January of last year, Mike wasn't sure what to make of the Japanese machine that turns office paper into toilet roll, and commenters were equally conflicted. Now DigInfo News has put together a report on the machine, and we're still not sure whether this is a good idea, or a very, very bad one. First I should say that I am assuming this is the same machine that Mike posted on before. The report tells us that it is now being exhibited by Oriental Co., Ltd, under the name of White Goat—but it certainly looks like the same machine to us.

The idea is, apparently, to feed waste paper into the machine's shredder which then pulps it, removes any foreign matter (hopefully that includes staples!), and then recycles it into thin paper that is wound into toilet roll. Much like the Local Paper for London scheme, the idea of recycling waste paper close to where it will be reused is undoubtedly an attractive proposition on the surface. But it's hard to imagine such an invention being a viable investment for a company when you include the upfront costs, the energy needed to keep it running, not to mention the space this thing takes up.

We do know that super-soft toilet roll has a major footprint, but with Fox news unable to tell the difference between recycled and virgin toilet paper, I suspect most companies will be better off getting store-bought recycled paper, and spending their spare cash on renewables or energy efficiency improvements. Or they could just install a bidet...

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