Office Depot's Green Junk Mail

We're slaves to junk mail. No matter how many times you tell advertisers that you don't want to be pestered with their flyers, the mailbox just keeps getting filled up. And often filled with paper that doesn't even know the meaning of post-consumer. While it may not help to curb the flow of junk mail, Office Depot has just committed to using "environmentally preferable" paper for its printed marketing—that means it's got to have either recycled post-consumer waste content or fiber from certified responsibly managed forests. The certification is done by independent bodies, and Office Depot's Environmental Stewardship Report is the only one in the industry to be independently audited. They're also trying to make it increasingly obvious to customers what paper on the shelves comes from where, and phasing out non-preferable products. Via GreenBiz. ::Office Depot [by KK]