Occasional Car Program Sets the Pace in Denver, Colorado

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Last Tuesday kicked off the beginning to the Denver based car share program, known as Occassionalcar.com. The program is one of the first in the U.S. to take a stab at reducing the amount of vehicles on the streets, by making them more of an object of necessity rather than convenience.
The Occasional Car Program
The way it works, is you register on their site and they run a background check of your driving record looking for any serious infractions. If everything looks okay, you can sign up for a particular time slot and the company will deliver an electronic key card programed for a Civic Hybrid which will be waiting for you in a nearby parking lot on the day you requested.

There are two designated parking lots at the moment, one at 11th and Ogden, and one at 19th and Pennsylvania. The electronic key will enable the door to be opened, then once inside another key will be waiting in the ignition to set you on your journey. When you are finished with the vehicle, you just bring it back to its original parking spot, lock it up, and set off on your merry way.

The program rents hybrid vehicles for an hour at a time from as low as $3.49 per hour and $0.24 cents per mile. This rate includes gas, insurance, and free parking to certain designated spots around town. As a whole, you should expect to pay somewhere between $50 a year or $10 a month to retain membership.

Great Substitute for a Second Vehicle
While many people think of the Occasional Car Program as only for those who do not own a vehicle, in truth one of the biggest customers the program is counting on, is one car families.

Let's say that in a particular family, the wife works full-time while the husband is a stay home dad with a small home business. He may need the occasional use of a vehicle to take the kids to an appointment, or even to meet his wife for lunch, but other than that, it would be a waste to own a second vehicle just for the occasional errand.

There are a lot of families who own a second car and don't really need it. This program will allow these families to save thousands of dollars each year, not to mention reduce their carbon footprint by a sizable amount. If the program is a success, as they suspect it will be, they will be adding new cars and more available parking spaces through the next few months.

Source: 9News.com
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