O'Burger Offers First Organic Fast Food in Los Angeles

Oburger Storefront Photo

O'burger, the first organic fast food joint in Los Angeles, where the burgers and everything else are all organic. What does that mean exactly? Well, "the buns, the sauce, the vegetables, meat, ketchup, mustard, fries and salad dressing" - it's all organic. Yum!

What about the burgers? Well the beef comes from grass-fed cows, the turkey burgers all come from free-range, grass fed turkeys and the veggie patties are vegan-friendly and made in-house from corn, oats and vegetables. According to O'burger, "if its edible, its organic."For the meat-eaters in the audience, O'burger burgers come from Uruguay and are fed on 2 football-field sized areas of pampas grass. The burgers are lower in saturated fats and higher in Omega-3's, Vitamins A & E and antioxidants.

Since its a food joint, they want the whole experience to be as tasty and healthy as possible, so they made sure their building is healthy as well. They use non-toxic cleaning products and all of their packaging is recycled, compostable and/or biodegradable, using corn-based and sugarcane-based packaging. The paint is all lead-free and no-VOC, and the paneling on the walls is reclaimed wood.

Most of the burgers are $7.99, but you can also choose from hot dogs, fries, salad, grilled-cheese, cookies, and even fancy shakes and vegan shakes. You won't find classic Coke here, but instead they serve fancier, "healthier" sodas, and even kombucha teas.

You can find O'burger on 8593 West Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, or check out the menu and gig online.

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