Observer Ethical Award Winners Set the Standard

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The Observer Ethical Awards are an annual celebration of the best of the British activists in the environmental world. It honours groups and individuals who have raised the bar when it comes to ethical and sustainable products and ideas.

The Ethical Fashion Award went to Pachacuti panama hats. They are certified fairtrade hats, made in Ecuador and are a fashionable and ethical note for summer.

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The Ethical Kids Award is a fun one. This year it is Savvy BOB--a hybrid bat or bird house produced by 13 year olds. They figured out the design, complete with different sized access doors, made it at their school at lunch time and then sold it to a local Safari Park. These kids are dynamos. They even gave one to the Prime Minister, the Queen and Prince Charles- talk about product placement.

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Photo: The Bristol Bike Project
Grassroots Award goes to the Bristol Bike Project. It's a community group that involves troubled youth and helps them to get back on their feet. In addition to training them how to fix up bicycles, It runs everything from cycling courses to bike repair courses.

The Online Retailer award goes to Riverford Organic Vegetables. The company was the first box vegetable dealer and now delivers 47,000 boxes a week. They have organic fruit, veg and meat boxes and other organic food from a network of five farms.

Campaigner of the Year goes to Compassion in World Farming. It's a farm animal welfare charity.

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Global Campaigner Award goes to Greg Valerio. Through his company, CRED, he has been involved with bringing the idea of fairtrade gold into the mainstream. As a result of his efforts we now have the opportunity to buy fairtrade and ecologically certified gold jewellery and the ability to trace it right back through the supply chain.

Ethical Business is the Co-operative Group. The co-op is a member-owned and UK-based business that has an ethical business structure, runs insurance companies, travel, pharmacies, banks and food stores on a co-operative basis.

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Photo: people's supermarket

Local Retailer award goes to the People's Supermarket. It's a co-op food store in London that sells sustainable food and is a neighbourhood centre for local food education.

Ethical Blog is, an ethical fashion blog.

The Big Idea award goes to Pavegen slabs which turns energy from footsteps into electricity.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was given to James Lovelock, one of Britain's greatest scientists and long a TreeHugger favourite. He is the originator of the Gaia hypothesis, chemist, did work on atmospheric chlorofluorocarbons which eventually led them from being banned, and is an advocate of nuclear power. His ground breaking ideas about the future of humanity continue to be far sighted and prophetic.

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