Obama's Hawaii Alma Mater a Green Leader


Well we've heard recently about the Senator taking the time to "refine" his position on coal, and the Washington Post was kind enough to highlight the fact that it took environmentalists to show him the way. But maybe if he had spent time at his alma mater recently he would have been able to "refine" his stance long before he decided to introduce a bill favoring coal not too long ago... That's because it turns out the Punahou School on Oahu's been named one of the top 10 green schools in America. And with U.S. Mayors coming together to ask Congress for funding of green technology in schools, it just may pay to see what types of things they've done in Hawaii.

So what have they got going on? Well take the case of their new middle school that opened in 2004. They're taking advantage of the sun, wind, and water that's so abundantly available throughout Hawaii along with the incredible views of Waikiki and Diamondhead to bring nature into the classroom. They've got lockers made of tough, recycled plastic so they never rust or need to be repainted, light shelves to direct more natural light into the building and cut down on energy use, and rubber floors that only need a wet mop once a week (sans chemicals) to keep 'em clean The wood used is from sustainably managed forests, and the lighting system even adjusts to the amount of daylight and the number of people in the classroom to reduce energy usage and their electric bill at the same time. All told it sounds like the ideal place for kids heading into any field to learn about themselves and the environment, as well as being a terrific example of the positive, green direction that other schools can start heading.

via:: Newsweek

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