Obama Steps It Up On Climate Change


Predictably, an ordinary campaign mention of climate policy will no longer suffice, not since Al Gore received the Nobel prize. First out of the US presidential campaign gate with a reaction, Senator Barack Obama seems to have gotten some religion.

Can't wait to see who among them matches this move.

Climate change is not just a scientific or an environmental issue, says Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. It is an issue of morals and of faith.

Men and women of faith have always waded into issues that impact society in profound ways: prison reform, temperance, abolition, women's rights, Obama reminded the group crowded into the public library on a rainy Sunday in Iowa's capital. Climate change should also become one of those moral imperatives...

"When God created the Earth he entrusted us to take responsibility to take care of that Earth," Obama says, and we are not living up to our responsibility to ensure our children's future...

Obama says if he is elected president he will reach out to leaders of the biggest carbon-emitting nations to develop a new global energy carbon forum. Global protocols would be established through the forum.

"As we develop new forms of energy we will share our technology and innovations with other countries in the world," he said.

The Chicago Tribune focused more on the money side of this story, reporting Obama's statement:- "And so, I hope everybody understands, if we are serious about dealing with global warming, there is going to be a spike in the unit costs of electricity."

Wonder what the Fox News take will be, if any?

Via Chicago Sun Times, "God Trusted Us To Care For Environment, Obama Says" and Chicago Tribune Image:: Joanneum Research, Glacier