Obama Stars in Ad Spoofing The Matrix

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Photos via Attila Kisbenedek / AFP

"Obama, Hatayama, and Merkel: Take the Green Pill. Fund the Fight to Save the World," exclaims a full page ad in the UK's Financial Times. Also, activists from Avaaz were in Copenhagen today, dressed as the leads from The Matrix, to hand-out copies of the ad to delegates as they gathered for negotiations on a climate agreement. The ad, which features the US, Japanese, and German leaders adorned in the black leather outfits preferred by Neo and the gang, calls for $200 billion a year to go towards freeing developing countries from the fossil fuel machine that has enslaved the developed world. Zing!

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The menacing looking trio (from the actual present) were on hand to help spread the message at COP15 with about 2,500 copies of the ad to circulate around the convention center where the conference is being held. They are hoping to raise awareness of the need for rich nations to extend financial assistance to poorer countries to bring them up to speed on climate reform.

Their message to the leaders: "Take the green pill." Hmm.

Is there no better way of highlighting the serious need for climate change reform than by making it seem so ridiculous?

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