Obama Ramps Up Clean Energy Investments in 2011 Budget


Photo via Climate Progress

Much of the news this week has focused on Obama's unveiling of the 2011 budget, and indeed, there's been much news to pick through. Much of it has focused on the negatives--a dubious expansion to $54 billion for loan guarantees for nuclear power, an empty-looking outline for a cap and trade plan--so I thought I should post on the many positive investments that are included in the budget nonetheless. For instance, look at this graph, which details how the US gov is ramping up investment in clean energy: These graphs, taken from a very worthy read over at Climate Progress, demonstrate the funding increases for a number of clean energy initiatives.


While the investments aren't nearly as large as many (myself included) would like to see, they are certainly trending in the right direction. In other good news, Obama has proposed cutting subsidies for oil and coal companies. Here's what that would look like:


Notice the disparity between those numbers there--the entire clean energy investment listed there effectively amounts to less than 1/36 of funding allotted to oil subsidies. Still, growth in the clean energy investment is encouraging.

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