Obama Paves the Way for International Climate Treaty

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Image via LT Scotland

Obama isn't wasting any time in convincing the world he's serious about the US joining the global fight against climate change. That might not seem like too daunting a task—simply not being sent by Bush and acknowledging global warming earned Obama's climate team applause when it debuted at UN climate talks (Bush's negotiators were literally booed at the last meeting). And now, Obama has announced a series of meetings with 16 world powers that could very well pave the way for a new international climate treaty. The meetings will include India, China, 14 other nations, and the EU, and will address global energy and climate issues, according to the New York Times. They'll take place over the coming months—starting this April in Washington DC. The series of meetings are designed to allow plenty of time for negotiations and are intended to smooth the way for an international climate treaty to be reached when the talks culminate in Copenhagen at the end of the year.

One of the reasons the US (ostensibly) never ratified Kyoto was because the treaty didn't impose restrictions on China or India—these meetings will involve the major developing countries in finding manageable, cooperative solutions to curb greenhouse gas emissions. They'll be useful in finding "common ground" among the major carbon emitters in the world, according to the National Wildlife Federation. The Obama administration's proactive approach is encouraging—now let's see how well the major carbon spewing countries of the world can get along.

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