Obama Invests Millions to Save the Everglades

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Amidst all the frustration and hoopla surrounding the climate bill in recent days, a bit of really good news sneaked by many environmentalists--that Obama pledged $279 million to save and restore the Everglades. According to Blue Living Ideas, between the stimulus bill and the new, approved budget, restoration efforts in the Everglades are going to get a much needed shot in the arm. Here's what a couple hundred million dollars can do for an imperiled ecosystem:Again, as with many of the better eco-measures allotted for in the bill, $279 million doesn't seem like a whole hell of a lot. But it could be crucial for the Everglades, especially since Florida Governor Charlie Crist recently chopped the state's funding for the project by two-thirds.

The Everglades faces a host of problems, from invasive species, to over-pollution, to drastic water loss. And the federal funding will at least take a step towards confronting those problems--but there's much more to be done. Projections for the long-term initiative reveal it could take up to $10 billion dollars and 10 years to complete.

But here's what's going to be done to help the Everglades now (from Blue Living Ideas):

* Construction of a reservoir to improve the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

* Restoration of 55,000 acres of the Picayune Strand wetlands in Southwest Florida

* Upgrading of the Tamiami Trail

* Restoration of the Kissimmee River

* Restoration the Big Cypress National Preserve

* Removal of invasive plants

* Repairs on Lake Okeechobee’s dike

* Various pilot projects and studies

Looks like it's off to fine start--hopefully the funds will get the 'Glades on the road to recovery.

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