Obama EPA Head Nominee Lisa Jackson Says She'll Put Science Back Into the Agency

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Considering the less than stellar record of the EPA under the Bush Administration, I suppose virtually anyone that Barack Obama might propose will be a vast improvement. Well, in Lisa Jackson's confirmation hearings this week some statements were made that were encouraging, and some, from climate change denier extraordinaire Senator James Inhofe, which leave me with some doubts:
Global Warming At Top of EPA Agenda
Here are the encouraging statements from Jackson's prepared statement:

Science must be the backbone of what the EPA does. If I am confirmed, I will administer with science as my guide. I understand the laws leave room for policymakers to make policy judgements. But if I am confirmed, political appointees will not compromise the integrity of the EPA's technical experts to advance particular regulatory outcomes.

Also encouraging is that Jackson would place curbing global warming at the top of the EPA's agenda, as well as reducing air pollution, cleaning up hazardous waste sites, regulating toxic chemicals and protecting water quality.

Less so is her (as the New York Times puts it) evasion of questions regarding she would allow California and 16 other states to regulate vehicle emissions and whether the EPA would regulate CO2 under the Clean Air Act, which the agency has been given the OK to do by the Supreme Court.

Sen. Inhofe Calls Jackson 'Reasonable'
Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the whole hearing is that Sen. James Inhofe described Jackson as "accessible and reasonable" and that he would vote to confirm her. Perhaps he's just be congenial, but considering Inhofe's stance on global warming (namely that it's a complete and utter hoax) and that the League of Conservation Voters http://www.lcv.org places Inhofe at the top of their Dirty Dozen list, a red flag immediately goes up if he calls a someone reasonable on environmental issues.

via: New York Times
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