Obama Drops In on Kids' Science Fair at the American Museum of Natural History

museum natural history photo


President Obama took another step in encouraging kids concentrating in science subjects earlier this week, only this time it was a surprise. At the New York City Science and Engineering Fair at the Museum of Natural History on Tuesday, the day was winding down, but people inside the fair were told to keep waiting—and a half hour later, in walked Obama and Mayor Bloomberg. Obama spoke to the kids about the importance of science education—a running theme of his—and then toured the students' exhibits.

He even warned them with a great line before getting started: that if he nods while they explain their projects, it's because he isn't understanding a word they're saying—and that they're smarter than he is. May or may not be true, but it's pretty strong encouragement.

Catch his speech to the students, and his visit with one of them, here:

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