Obama Announces $2.4 Billion in Grants for Batteries and Electric Cars

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The first of two maps showing the location of the 48 projects that are funded.
48 Different Projects Will Share the Loot
President Obama was in Indiana today to announce how $2.4 billion dollars from the Recovery Act will be divided up between 48 different battery and electric vehicle projects. "With these investments, we're planting the seeds of progress for our country and good-paying, private-sector jobs for the American people," he said. Most of the grant winners are familiar names, with Detroit firms getting a substantial share. But who's the biggest winner?So Where's All That Money Going?
The money is going to three main categories of projects: 1) $1.5 billion goes to US-based manufacturers to produce batteries and their components, 2) $500 million goes to US-based manufacturers that produce electric drive components for vehicles, including electric motors, power electronics, and other drive train components, and 3) $400 million in grants to purchase thousands of plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles for test demonstrations in several dozen locations

The complete list of the 48 grants can be found here (pdf). Some of the highlights are:

Johnson Controls: $299.2 million for the production of nickel-cobalt-metal battery cells and packs, as well as production of battery separators (by partner Entek) for hybrid and electric vehicles.

A123 Systems: $249.1 million for the manufacturing of nano-iron phosphate cathode powder and electrode coatings; fabrication of battery cells and modules; and assembly of complete battery pack systems for hybrid and electric vehicles.

General Motors: $105.9 million for the production of high-volume battery packs for the GM Volt (the cells will be from LG Chem, Ltd. and other cell providers to be named), plus another $105 million for the construction of U.S. manufacturing capabilities to produce the second-generation GM global rear-wheel electric drive system. That's not all. There's also another $30.5 million to develop, analyze, and demonstrate hundreds of Chevrolet Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicles (EREVs) --125 Volt PHEVs for electric utilities and 500 Volt PHEVs to consumers. (for a total of $241.4 million)

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Ford: $62.7 million to produce a Ford electric drive transaxle with integrated power electronics in an existing Ford transmission facility, plus $30 million to accelerate the launch and commercialization of PHEVs and EVs by partnering with 15 of America's leading utilities, and deploy up to 150 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, including 130 Ford Escape PHEVs and 20 Ford E450 Van PHEVs. (for a total of $92.7 million)

Chrysler: $70 million to develop, validate, and deploy 220 advanced plug-in hybrid electric pickups and minivans.

Compact Power (on behalf of LG Chem): $151.4 million for the production of lithium-ion polymer battery cells for the GM Volt using a manganese-based cathode material and a proprietary separator.

Electric Transportation Engineering Corp (ETEC): $99.8 million to demonstrate up to 5,000 Nissan electric vehicles with a 100 mile range and deploy up to 12,500 Level 2 and 250 Level 3 chargers.

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