Obama and Tesla: A Match Made in Emission-Free Heaven?

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Obama Should Buy a Tesla Fleet - Forget the Big Three
News broke today that Obama is going to buy 17,600 fuel efficient cars for the government fleet from the Big 3 automakers. Now, while this might be a step forward, it's hardly change we can believe in. More like a minor adjustment we can tolerate. If he really wanted to make a bold move, he should've put aside some funds for the Tesla Model S--a really efficient vehicle from a company that represents the best in American innovation; not the worst in corporate greed and obstinacy. Plus, we have reason to believe that Obama's a Tesla fan. Okay, so maybe he just cruised by the Tesla showroom by coincidence--and cruise by he did. But there's no doubt Tesla is exactly the kind of company Obama envisions when he talks about helping American entrepreneurs to once again bring the US to the forefront of innovation. Its electric cars will help reduce emissions, stimulate the economy by supplying a vehicle people actually want, and grow green jobs—all big Obama goals.

Tesla Cars Obama Should Love
Case in point: the new Tesla Model S Sedan is completely electric, gets 300 miles per charge, fits 5 comfortably (with room for two more), and is downright gorgeous—but even though the company is already taking advance orders, it won't be ready until 2011.

The company also makes the Tesla Roadster, which is currently in production (and some sporadic distribution) might be a tad too sporty, and a little on the expensive side—they run around $100,000 each.

Come on Obama, Order a Tesla
Of course, in the current economic climate, keeping jobs for the massive number of workers the Big 3 employ is a central concern. And perhaps there would be a painful transition if stimulus funding was rerouted to companies like Tesla (for one thing, Tesla won't be ready for such large scale production for some time now). But this is really where at least some such funding should be directed—to bring truly efficient, truly beautiful (and soon to be more affordable) cars to the marketplace.

You know, to reward good ol' American innovation.

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