Obama and McCain Political Banners Team-up to Help Homeless in Colorado

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At the end of every election, there is always a leftover pile of buttons, signs, banners, broken and elated hearts. This year was no different than any other, and while many states had recycle programs to help clean-up the aftermath of the election, many did not. You could always start up your own local post-election clean-up initiative with some neighbors, but what one woman decided to do with the collection of used banners from her neighboring area was quite innovative.Reusing Political Banners to Help the Homeless
While Obama and McCain were certainly at odds on the political trail, their banners have found a nice equilibrium wrapped around the homeless of Colorado this winter. While they may not have looked very cozy in the yards of homeowners and in the windows of businesses, these banners are basically thick, high quality, weatherproof vinyl tarps capable of giving means to some warmth, and even more importantly, dryness.

The Idea Behind the Political Quilt
Carlene Bratach's of Broomfield Colorado, took it upon herself to collect as many of these banners as she could, many which would have ended up in the landfill, and is quilting blankets with them. She is calling them "political quilts". The plan is to have 150 of these quilts ready to disperse to the homeless through the St. Francis Center, which is an organization that helps the Denver, Colorado homeless.

The idea sparked this past Halloween, as Bratach was attempting to sew Starbuck coffee bags together to form recycled costumes for her two boys. That idea failed, leaving her to investigate the idea of using tarp material instead. Then one day as she was driving home and noticing all the political propaganda, she wondered if there was a way to make something out of all those signs.

This is what the Holiday Season is all About
It really makes quite a statement if you imagine these banners, which were once so at odds with each other, coming together and quite literally featuring both candidates side-by-side cooperating for the same cause. The cause of helping many homeless folks this Christmas season stay warm and dry, and that is something that they should both (winner and loser) be proud of!

With the way the economy is today, many of us might even want to look into making a few of these quilts as holiday gifts for those "C" people on our list!

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Source: 9 News: Political signs may be helping the homeless

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