NYC Water So Good, Battle to Replicate It Breaks Out in Florida

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Image: Flickr via hellochris

Why New Yorkers continue to drink bottled water is a mystery. Its quality has been praised all over the place, but that praise has just reached new heights: restaurants in Florida dueling over technology to replicate it.

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. in Delray Beach has accused Mamma Mia's Trattoria & Brick Oven Pizzeria in Lake Worth of stealing technology it developed to "Brooklynize" its water, the Florida Sun Sentinel reports.
The secret, everyone knows, to the famous bagels of New York City is the water. These two Florida businesses figure if they can simulate New York's water, they can simulate its great bread.

But the bagel shop says the pizzeria stole its technology, and the pizzeria says the bagel shop can't patent basic chemistry. So they're suing each other.

(Worthwhile side note: When he's done with his duties at CNN, Larry King will be the bagel company's spokesman and West Coast developer.)

Read the rest over at the Sun Sentinel, but the point for TreeHuggers is—NYC water is good. So good that a pizza dough chef in Florida has spent $20,000 to duplicate it. So good that the city spent part of the summer promoting portable water fountains, and (some) cafe owners invite passersby in to fill up their reusable water bottles.

So why isn't the city listening and kicking the bottled water habit?

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